Industrial Equipment At Your Service

At O&C Services Inc., our main goal is to use advanced equipment for the best outcome. Look through our equipment catalog for various machinery to purchase and install. Start your industrial journey with the best.

End-of-Line Packaging

Discover our industrial packaging solutions and systems from Innova Group. These solutions are designed to make sure workers are safe, protect pallets, and help packaging efficiency.

Stretch Hood Packaging

We’re excited to introduce our revolutionary Stretch Hood Packaging System. This clever solution, along with our advanced Palletizers, provides great material savings, rain protection, unbeatable load security, and perfectly wrapped palletized products with a premium finish. It’s the perfect upgrade for all your packaging needs.

Dust Collection Systems

Discover our advanced dust collection solutions, perfect for improving workplace safety and cleanliness, whether you’re considering new systems or upgrades. Find the best options to optimize your workspace with our full-service solutions, ensuring punctual delivery and budget-friendly choices.



Boost your storage capabilities with our versatile and reliable silo solutions. Whether you need new raw material handling silos or upgrades, our offerings are crafted to enhance efficiency and guarantee secure bulk material storage. These solutions are available for purchase and come with professional installation services to precisely meet your storage requirements.

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