Shaping Transparent Brilliance

In the world of glass, precision and innovation are the keys to transforming this versatile material into works of art and iconic architectural structures. At O&C Services Inc., we are the driving force behind this transformation. We specialize in crafting the machines that make glass production possible, from architectural glass to the delicate artistry of glass bottles.

Discover Glass Mastery

At O&C Services Inc., we don’t make glass; we create the machinery that brings it to life. Our expertise extends to machines that cut the plugs for bottles, ensuring precision in every step of the glass manufacturing process. From intricate designs to mass production, our machinery is tailored to meet your unique glass production needs.

Cutting-edge glasswork

Our team of experts takes pride in turning your vision into reality. Whether it’s designing breathtaking glass facades for architectural marvels or creating exquisite glass artworks, we strive to shape transparency and brilliance into every project. We understand that glass isn’t just a material; it’s a medium for artistic expression and functional design.

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