Brushing Brilliance

O&C Services Inc. is a leading paint company changing the coatings market. The team has extensive knowledge and experience driving advancements in paint formulation and application techniques. Our commitment to producing high-quality, adaptable, and environmentally friendly paints meets the dynamic demands of the paint sector.

Paint Machinery Assembly

O&C Services Inc. specializes in installing advanced machinery for the paint industry. We ensure that each component functions smoothly, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Trust us to bring reliability and performance to every assembly project.

Safety at the Forefront

We prioritize safety in industrial processes, especially in the paint industry. Our technicians receive extensive training to ensure a secure working environment and we strictly adhere to safety protocols and regulations during machinery installation and assembly. Efficiency and safety go hand in hand, and we work tirelessly to achieve both.

Innovation in Paint Production

We install the latest machinery that’s used to manufacture paint products. Our goal is to make the manufacturing process more efficient by working with others in the industry and staying up-to-date on trends. We use advanced technology like automated systems and quality control measures to improve the future of paint manufacturing. This helps drive progress and excellence across the industry.

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